Welcome to Allied Engineering Works
Welcome to Allied Engineering Works
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Gears Manufacturing

Press Stamping

Surface Treatment

Shot blasting

Heat Treatment

Welding Services

Our Facilities

Forging Workshop

Our Hot Forging Workshop site is equipped with 2 H type power presses which can forge pieces up to 2kg.

Power Press workshop

We have different variety of power press example u type, H type and hydraulic press in our work shop in the range of 10 to 100 ton.

Welding Shop

We have skilled labor in the department of welding and we have the facilities of SMAW, GMAW, MIG etc.

Lathe Machine Workshop

Range of Conventional Late Machines, Milling Machines & CNC Turning Centers for machining operations.

CNC Machining Shop

We have 24 modern CNC machines in our Workshop

Heat Treatment

We have the number of facilities in the department of heat treatment like Quenching, Normalizing, annealing, Tempering

Surface Treatment

- Galvanizing
- Chroming
- Sandblasting

Gears Manufacturing

- 4 Broaching Machines
- 3 Hobbing Machines